ToutestMag #07 – La visione “New Romantic” di Sebastian Peel

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The World of Mr Sebatian Peel (alias PeelMe), a multifaceted / chameleon Austrian artist, is made up of contaminations of various kinds. The “New Romantic” Aesthetic of his artworks takes its origin from the cultural contexts in which he was trained. Finland, Israel, Italy have contributed to his creative language that is expressed through artistic images that are metaphors in halfway between dreams and reality.

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In exclusive for ToutestCool here is following our Interview with Mr. Sebastian Peel.

1)    Which is your inspiration? where does your Design / Art come from?

My inspiration for my art comes from a rich selection of cultural references and from my various stays in Finland, Israel and Italy. Finnish art, design and culture has a huge impact on my artistic work. The rich world of Finnish storytelling and the strong connection of the Finns to nature has always been fascinating to me. In contrast to that I love being in Tel Aviv the vibrant, diverse metropolis on the mediterranean seashore. Verona the Italian city of love (Romeo & Juliet) completes the list of my so called ‘magic’ places wich inspire me the most. Verona is only a two hours drive away from my hometown Innsbruck. The history of Austria and northern Italy is strongly connected to each other. I feel so blessed to stay and live in all these places on a regular basis. My heart is filled with love and inspiration!

2)    How do you create your art’s atmosphere & How can you describe yourself as an Artist?

I would call myself an urban multidisciplinary creative – a ‘Visualizer’. My artistic practice oscillates between painting, design, photography and illustration. It evolves around / investigates the surfaces of our everyday environments in an “image-fixed” world by blending both analogue and digital culture. Within that, I often conflate our everyday environment with re-occurring autobiographic connotations like dependencies, relations, complexity and multi-layered reflections. My pictures  are riven with contradictions and elisions, with the subject often remaining obstinately elusive. My work should consciously rise questions about transitional states: intersections of old and new values, life, death, gender, and their associated forms of representation. It also draws inspirations from commercial studio photography and its creative usage of the” image as such” in advertisement. My work should evoke impressions of a new romanticism by advocating natural settings, secrets, visions, insights and intuition, the uncanny and the displaced. It highlights the fantastic, the surreal and the imaginary, reflecting upon the unknown, forgotten or hidden spaces in a cold, modern world screened by digital algorithms. In my latest work for the German Bundesrat, I do explore the history of the institution with its federal functions and levels. In a multi-layered composition I gather different surfaces, objects and connections into unity – representing the German Bundesrat. Captivating history, architecture and expressive motions are embedded in a powerful environment. Despite their analog means, my multi-layered, often collaged works speak eloquently of our mobile, networked, image-fixated moment. They should rise the question to reconsider what occurs on the picture plane, whether it be a drawing, a collage, a photo sheet or screen; to look at how we read or misread  these surfaces; and to think of how we relate to our physical life among inanimate objects that have their own stories to tell.

3)    Your Art and Vision is developed in different forms and shapes. The idea to replicate your Art on daily products (plates, furnishing) is amazing and original. When and why you started to approach this Art frontier?

My passion is to transform Art into Design. All started with my art and design studies in Finland. I had the opportunity to add product design to my art and design portfolio. My love for architecture and interior design made me always wonder on how to present my visual artwork. I love crossing borders – art can be presented in so many ways on products, surfaces and media. 

4)    How can you imagine your future and the role of your Design

In the near future I would like to work on new artworks and designs suitable for interior and decorative objects.

5)    Do you have any favorite subjects that you’ve painted? What are your next plans…

I love drawing/painting bees – the bee is my symbol, therefore you can find it in most of my creations. My next plan is to expand my plate collection with new designs, forms and styles

6)    Which role can have e-commerce for the new and contemporary artist? How can e-commerce support Art and Artistis, and what not

Especially now, in these difficult and challenging times, the sales opportunity via e-commerce plays a decisive role for us artists. It gives us new points of intersection with our customers and enables us to operate worldwide. Thus, this possibility serves to further increase the visibility of my art and design. However, the real experience and feeling of art is also very important.

7)    Your expectation regarding the collaboration with ToutestCool

I am very much looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with Toutestcool! The cultural exchange with the Toutestcool team will certainly generate new ideas for products. I am a team player and am happy to have creative people around me. Mutual inspiration is therefore guaranteed – an exciting and thrilling time lies ahead. Grazie mille Toutestcool!  

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